Welcome to Loxley Intertrade

Background, Major Changes And Developments

Loxley was originally established as a rice and general agricultural business. As time passed and the business grew, it expanded its trading capabilities into a variety of areas.

With this expansion, supplying innovative solutions to many segments of the Thai market, building expertise in capital management and skills in human resource development, Loxley firmly established its position as a leader in Thai commerce.

Loxley is now moving onto the world stage. Loxley has been in business for over 70 years. In 1939 Mr Ng Yuk Long Lamsam and an Englishman Mr. Andrew Beattie jointly founded the company as Loxley Rice Company (Bangkok) Ltd., primarily exporting rice and lumber.

Loxley has experienced continuous growth and in 1957 changed its name to Loxley (Bangkok) Company Limited. The business expanded into importation and distribution of industrial products and technologies from abroad. Loxley’s reputation as a partner and agent that can be trusted has seen domestic and international companies continuously invest with us. This reputation has enhanced our its ability to expand and to adapt to the constant changes of the market’s demands.

In April 1993, the company registered on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and became Loxley PLC in January 1994.

From its beginnings to this current day, Loxley has maintained its ethics of building an organisation with effective management, good governance with transparency in operation and continued to grow. The company has subsidiaries, joint ventures as well as its own business units and is generally divided into six Business Groups

  • ICT Business Group
  • Technology Business Group
  • Project Business Group
  • Trading Business Group
  • Service Business Group
  • Joint Venture Business Group